Gem:Sergio’s Bistro

Update: This location no longer exists, but the one in Lodi, NJ does.

I finally got to visit Sergio’s Bistro , an Italian restaurant, in Clifton today. I’ve heard this place is a great Italian restaurant for quite a while from several people.  I live five away, and procrastinated about goin.   I was finally able to go for a family dinner

Immediate highlights:

  • I reserved a table for 8 people, the table was ready right away
  • It’s BYOB

After my sit down it felt quite romantic, I glanced around and it was simply decorated, and dim. It is small but I always equate that to the food being great.

We ordered four appetizers for the table that included(there was 8 of us):

  • Avocado stuffed shrimp- one whole avocado split into two
  • Calamari- calamari came in a waffle basket
  • Eggplant-Rollettini Di Melanzane 
    Eggplant rollettini with ricotta, mozzarella and marinara sauce
  • Half a dozen oysters on a half shell

Cavatelli Alla Boscaiola



For dinner:




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