In Honor of Someone I Love…

walk for someone you love


I am walking on November 13th in NYC to raise awareness of kidney disease in honor of my dad Enrique Bassanini. Renal failure has been one of the hardest part of his life and I want to help raise awareness for the disease and support all those on dialysis every week, week after week. If you know anyone on dialysis you know how hard it looks and if you are a dialysis patient yourself you know how hard it is

I made myself a team captain and will do what I can from now to November 13th to raise money and/or have people join me on the walk. This goes out to my family friends and friends of friends. #TeamBass

This is my Team Bass:  Team page.

This is my Stephanie Bassanini: Personal Donor Page

If you cannot walk or donate please share this.

Donations will be directly to the Kidney Foundation and can be as little as a dollar, I just am trying to increase awareness, help support the cause, and fundraise for our team.


Stephanie Bassanini



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