Burgers at The Corner

Avocado toast with a poached egg on top


Burger with some avocados, shoe string fries, and a side of pickled veggies from The Corner in Montclair

This place always looks packed when passing by here and I know why now.   As soon as you walk in you know you stepped in an eccentric place.  A sign hung on the wall reading “Good Vibes Only” and who doesn’t like good +food vibes.  The Corner also offered several juices, I got the “Bells & Whistles” made of strawberry, apple, and carrots. YUM.  The menu was subtle but the food really was not.  The avocado toast had some chili flakes on it and the burger’s fries with rosemary were great.  In addition to the food I took home a delicious pastry and the service was awesome!






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