What You Taco’in Bout?

What you taco’in bout? A taco happy hour, yes!  It was a nice day in NJ and you know how it goes.  It’s been a cold winter and a cold spring so when the sun begins to warm up our streets, we go and take advantage.  It’s beautiful out, want to go to a happy hour? Don’t deny it a drink and food is in the plan right after work. “Can we sit outside?” Been waiting to say that for a while.  Anyway my BF and I ended up in Hoboken and ran into a taco happy hour on yes a Tuesday, it was perfect.


Fried shrimp, chicken, and short rib tacos |$3.00 per taco| can get an assortment, whereas when you order regularly it’s 3 of the same kind and a bit more money each.


Can’t forget the guac, because what is Taco Tuesday without it?


The drinksss| Margaritas of course

Last but not least we went to Cadillac Cantina!


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