3 days in Cancun.

I was recently in Cancun, Mexico celebrating my SO’s milestone birthday (age ain’t nothing but a number so I just won’t mention it).  We flew out for the weekend and had a blast! The weather was beautiful the entire weekend, our resort was full of life of all sorts: millenials, families, random walking peacocks.  It was a real turn up lol.  Our pool area had a DJ, swim up bar, and a bunch of people our age catching vibes, we were pleased at first sight because that is the EXACT type of celebration we were looking for. We weren’t aiming for relaxation or a romantic baecation this time.  From the moment we left Newark airport to land in Cancun, it was fun. We rode jet-skis, and visited the downtown area at night.


Why is airport food so expensive? 😦

Wan’t going to stop be from eating though, I am literally at my hungriest at a gate waiting for a flight departure.

This breakfast sandwich was delicious- United airlines terminal (BAE w/ avocado & side salad)

Two seconds into walking outside of our room.

Straight chillen

Aren’t they just beautiful?  🙂 … okay moving on


Poolside Mini Tacos

Octopus Salad from a Ibiza Restaurant on the beach @ The Pyramid at Grand Oasis Resort

Cancun, Mexico

Lunch @  Ibiza Restaurant on the beach @ The Pyramid at Grand Oasis Resort

La Isla Shopping Center- Gondola Rides, they had several type of boats

Dinner outside of the resort


Shrimp Dumplings@ Captain’s Cove


Fish, veggies, and rice


Him & I


My recommendations


La Vaquita- if you love hip-hop

City on Fridays- if you love EDM, House Music etc


the lagoon where you can avoid large waves and speed

The Pyramid @ Grand Oasis Food:

The Sports Bar- if you are hungry reallyyy late

Ibiza on the beach for brunch

Drinks available(since it was all-inclusive):

Tequila and lemonade







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