Which Restaurant Had the Best Leche De Tigre?

We love trying Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk in English! It is a spicy, citrus marinade, sort of like ceviche with some spice. Each restaurant we have been to makes it so different.  Below are some our favorites, but one really gets 5 stars. Guess which…


Miami, FL(South Beach)- Chalan on the BeachIMG_6281

Passaic, NJ- La Cabaña RestaurantIMG_8709

Clifton, NJ- Aji LimonIMG_8860 (1)

Paterson, NJ- La Perla Del Pacifico

The leche de tigre from Aji Limon is our favorite.  We ask for it with medium spice and it is milkier or creamier than the others. They also don’t act skimpy with the seafood in it. It is great, try it!


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