Fresh Seafood & Fishery Vibes

My family has been going to this fishery since before I was born.  They have made it into a tradition, a rite of passage when becoming a family member(or gf/f), and have continued to visit for 28+ years.  Keyport Fishery located in Keyport has weathered some storms and was rebuilt after a fire. It is a no-games, no seating establishment. You simply arrive, tell them what you want, give them your initial, pay, wait and leave.

Although there is no seating you can park across the street and eat in front of  a bay.  I get a combo platter which has:

  • fried scallops
  • fried shrimp
  • fries
  • fried fish
  • cole slaw, one lemon

You can grab a mini brown paper bag and collect ketchup, salt, pepper and utensils for your own use at their condiments area.

Try it!

IMG_3791 (2)

Combo Platter


Fried Lobster sandwich, yes that is lobster and it is delicious. Costs about $8.99 and you CANNOT beat that when it comes to a lobster sandwich.


Eating in front of the water across the street.IMG_4181

mini bag, I wasn’t joking.



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