Casual Dining: Ribalta

As hunger set in while cruising through Union Square this past weekend my ❤ and I, stumbled into a pizzeria we caught a glimpse of.  We thought it was a casual pizza place and were ready to order the usual, any slice with chicken on it, but we walked into a surprise.  This wasn’t a regular pizza place, with a few tables, an oven, and a short menu of pastas and specialty slices, it was much more than that.  We walked in and immediately loved the setup! It was spacious, minimal, and it had a bar, lovely little booths. #localfoodie

We sat here:


And had one of the best two slices of pizza I’ve ever had and I mistakenly ordered it without tomato sauce.

ribalta pizza
Margherita Bianca, Broccoli Rabe, Grilled Chicken, and Fries 🙂

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