Letter to all those Pitbull Lovers, I feel you.

October is National Pitbull Awareness Month! So I will be celebrating in many ways. Will be spreading awareness all over social media like I usually do, donate, spread positive pit vibes, among other things.

To whom it may concern,

For many reasons I feel extremely close to this cause, the number one reason is an obvious one I am a pitbull mom. So I loveee him!

Other reasons include: the consistent abuse to this breed and every dog that is seen as a “pitbull type”  I see all over social media.  The consistent negative comments I receive when just walking my dog. The consistent negative comments I get when I proudly say I have a blue nose pitbull (American Pitbull Terrier btw!) that sound like this “are they aggressive, will they turn on you,  I would never, etc” I usually return the negativity with something witty like ” is your wife? is your husband?”. I laugh and move on because that is exactly how disrespected I feel when people talk about my dog because of the stigma the breed faces regularly. I am not one to argue all my valid points because some people will remain ignorant but I do defend my own dog and myself. I mean what I say I didn’t ask for your opinion when you asked me what kind of dog I have. So when I say it, don’t open your eyes surprised because you assumed I had a Yorkie when I called him my baby.  Don’t ask me if he scary, aggressive, or if he is safe to have. Next time I will say something like what kind of food do you like and follow up  with “gross, that is disgusting” we can all see how we feel after that.  In addition to the comments we (pit moms) would appreciate you not walking up to me while I am walking my dog to say something like “does he bite?”  No he doesn’t but I am pretty snappy so move along. Everyone has a choice if you prefer other breeds then more power to you, all dogs are truly a great family member to have.

I say all that to say this, some of us just want to appreciate the loving, amazing, sweet pitbulls we have without having to justify why we do nor why we own them.

The pitbull-type breed’s image is a bad one, they fill up shelters waiting for homes,  and they are abused and exploited regularly. It is extremely sad to see how many are discarded, judged, and mistreated. It is up to us to change that. I do so by promoting their great personalities, by walking mine showing him off, and by telling everyone how incredibly sweet my Drama is, I don’t want to hear any bullshit when I already see it all around.

a Pitbull mom

P.S. some events to attend:

Brick City- Painting for Pits 

All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital –  Fall Festival & Fundraising Event

Volunteer in local shelters, donate where you can.  It all helps. Don’t forget to always spread pittie love.


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