Favorite Food x Restaurants x Vibes for 2017

The new foodie year is approaching and I have a list of new NJ in addition to Tristate restaurant I would like to visit.  As of now taking some time out to recognize some of my favorite places this year.  The categories are the best new appetizer, best dinner, best brunch, and overall best restaurant I have been to this year.

Favorite Appetizer- The leche de tigre from Aji Limon in Clifton, NJ.  I have tried many different leche de tigres(translates to tiger’s milk)  but this one has beat out every single one of them.  It is considered an appetizer.  I usually order it with medium spice..,

JPEG image-7A6E1876B636-1



Best Vibes at Dinner: Tapas Style .  I LOVE bao buns, but when this came out i was ecstatic to build my own and it came with a mini spicy mayo type sauce.  The Tiki drinks were amazing along with the other entrees we had.JPEG image-006E6F85B66F-1.jpeg

Korean BBQ chicken wingsIMG_8280

Best hip new place for pick up. You MUST see the artwork in there!- Jam Burger 


Best restaurant overall- Ninja Sushi in Nutley, NJ from beginning to end.


They hit a huge hanging drum when walking in alerting the amount for a seating(scared me but cool)!

Complementary little shrimp taco with a sweet&sour type sauce drizzled over it.


A la carte sushi piece- also complementary.





Japanese type pancake with veggies, first time trying it and was delicious.IMG_6419



Yes this sushi came out on fire and it is not the best sushi yet!..



This is the inside of the burning foil shaped as a swan or duck.



Behold Pizza Sushi…





Then all of the oversized sushi pieces I have had there.IMG_7859IMG_9655

Decor- a mini sword 🙂




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